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24/7 Monitoring


Katy Freeway Boat & RV Storage offers a safe and secure facility to keep your property protected!  We have strict gate control access and recorded monitoring of the entire property.​

  • HD cameras at the entrance and exit gate to identify every vehicle

  • 16 hybrid cameras surveil the entire property 24/7 and is continuously monitored

  • Gate access system records every person’s time they enter and when they leave

  • Exterior is well illuminated over the entire 12 acres with many bright lights

  • Management has recorded monitors and access to the monitors via a smart phone to survey the property at any time day or night.

  • Security system will trigger an alarm if the gate is tampered with or left open too long

  • The property is surrounded by barb wire fence and tubular steel pipe surrounds the perimeter of the fence


Each tenant will receive a coded remote control and entry ID card that will allow access to the property after hours.  To protect our tenants, our gate software will monitor every time a person enters the property and exits the property, and will record the date and time.

Gate Access


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